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[Update] 2021/2022 International Competition Schedule

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

"Don't Forget to be Happy, Stay Strong and Be Healthy"

 [Update] 2020/2021 International Competition Schedule

We wish to always have success and health for us, fighters of achievement, wherever they are. Of course the spirit of achievement and health is still maintained, right?

So for that we must always be passionate about work!

The following admin will convey the 2020/2021 international competition schedule:

January Deadline

[Free] Light Microscope Photography Competition: Olympus Image of the Year Award 2020

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-light-microscope-photography.html Deadline, January 10, 2021

[Free] International Ilustration Competition (The 26th International Illustration Contest) With Grand Prize: 200,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/12/free-international-ilustration.html Deadline, January 14, 2021

Max3min Short Film Competition with Prize 3.000 €

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-max3min-short-film-competition.html Deadline, January 14, 2021

[Free] Logo and Jingle Competition on SEAMEO RECFON 10th Anniversary

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-logo-and-jingle-competition-on.html deadline January, 22 2021

[Free] Open Category Photo Competition From Nikon With Prize 500,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-open-category-photo-competition.html Deadline, January 25, 2021

Science and Entrepreneur Project Competition (KarangTuri Science and Entrepreneurship Fair 2021)

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/12/science-and-entrepreneur-project.html  Deadline, January 25, 2021

[Free] International Manga Competition (Silent Manga Audition) With Grand Prix: 500,000 JPY


Deadline, January 27, 2021

February Deadline

[Free] International Poster Competition: Animayo 2021 With Prizes 500 EUROS

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-international-poster-competition.html Deadline February, 1 2021

[Free] Next Generation Category Photo Competition From Nikon With Prize 500,000 JPY 

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-next-generation-category-photo.html Deadline February, 1 2021

[Free] Open Category Short Film Competition From Nikon With Prize 500,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-open-category-short-film.html Deadline February, 8 2021

[Free] Make Best Educational Practices to Fight Over The International LUMA StarT Education Award

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-make-best-educational-practices-to.html Deadline February, 14 2021

[Free] Make StarT Project to Fight Over The International LUMA StarT Award

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-make-start-project-to-fight-over.html  Deadline February, 14 2021

[Free] ASIAN Essay and Campaign Ideas Competition: 2nd ASEAN Youth Social Journalism Contest 2021

 https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-asian-essay-and-campaign-ideas.html Deadline February, 14 2021

[Free] Next Generation Category Short Film Competition From Nikon With Prize 500,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/10/free-next-generation-category-short.html Deadline February, 15 2021

[Free] Mask Design Contest with The Theme of Fight Covid-19

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-mask-design-contest-with-theme-of.html Deadline February, 15 2021

[Free] International Photo, Eco-posters and Art Competition (Golden Turtle) with Prize $ 1,000.00

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-photo-eco-posters.html deadline February, 28 2021

For Next See Also:

March Deadline

[Free] January Illustration Contest: ART street Monthly Illustration Contest with Total Prize 200,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/02/free-january-illustration-contest-art.html deadline March 1, 2021

[Free] International Cartoon and Comic Competition With First Prize €1200

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-cartoon-and-comic.html deadline March 14, 2021

[Free] Bo it!: International Ilustration Competition from Bologna With Total Prizes € 1,800.00

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-bo-it-international-ilustration.html deadline March 15, 2021

[Free] International Cartoon Festival from Malaysia (International Cartoon Competition and Exhibition On Road Safety Malaysia 2021)

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-cartoon-festival_28.html deadline March 28, 2021

[Free] Book Cover Illustration Contest with Grand Prize 150,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/02/free-book-cover-illustration-contest.html deadline March 31, 2021

[Free] February Illustration Contest: ART street Monthly Illustration Contest with Total Prize 200,000 JPY 

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/02/free-february-illustration-contest-art.html deadline March 31, 2021

[Free] International Illustration Contest: 4th JUMP's Universal Illustration Contest with Prize 130,000 JPY

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/02/free-international-illustration-contest.html deadline March 31, 2021

April Deadline 2021

[Free] Character a Game Competition (Yarade Simulator Fan Art Contest 2021)

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/02/free-character-game-competition-yarade.html deadline April, 5 2021

[Free] Vertical Video Competition with Prize € 50.000  (NESPRESSO TALENTS 2021)


[Free] Short Story Competition (short stories that envision the next 180 years) Imagine 2200 with Prizes $ 8,700

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-short-story-competition-short.html deadline April, 12 2021

Scholarship Opportunities: Chinese Government Scholarships-Chinese University 2021

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/12/scholarship-opportunities-chinese.html deadline April 15, 2021

[Free] International Photografy Journalism: Yannis Behrakis International Photojournalism Award 2021

 https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-photografy.html deadline April 19, 2021

[Free] Small World Photography Competition From Nikon With Prizes Over 10,000 USD

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/09/free-small-world-photography.html deadline, April 30, 2021

[Free] Small World in Motion Competition From Nikon With Prizes Over 7,000 USD

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2020/09/free-small-world-in-motion-competition.html deadline, April 30, 2021

[Free] International Cartoon Festival With Topic History (MFKH 2021- Czechia)

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-cartoon-festival.html deadline, April 30, 2021

May Deadline

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-cartoon-contest-with.html  deadline May, 30 2021

June Deadline

[Free] International Cartoon Festival from Ukraine with Prizes 1,500 (Beavers Laugh Cartoon Competition 2021)

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-cartoon-festival_24.html deadline July, 1 2021

July Deadline

August Deadline

[Free] International Cartoon Contest From Sejong Korea With Grand Prize $ 3.000 (10th Sejong International Cartoon Contest Sicaco 2021)

https://www.enjoycompetition.fun/2021/01/free-international-cartoon-contest-from.html  Deadline August, 31 2021

The www.enjoycompetition.fun page is not the organizer in this event, but only informs the event. To get information about the implementation of this activity, please learn from the source and the official website of the organizer.

please, keep smile and enjoy yours competition.

Ok, thank you for all the support, healthy and successful greetings always to all of us!

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