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[Free] Make StarT Project to Fight Over The International LUMA StarT Award

 [Free] Make StarT Project to Fight Over The International LUMA StarT Award

Assalamualaikum, Wr. Wb.

"Don't Forget to be Happy, Stay Strong and Be Healthy"

We wish to always have success and health for us, fighters of achievement, wherever they are. Of course the spirit of achievement and health is still maintained, right?

So for that we must always be passionate about work!

On this occasion we will inform you regarding the competition:

Make StarT Project to Fight Over The International LUMA StarT Award

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As for the theme of the competition this time is:

“Science, Mathematics or Technology”

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Participant Conditions:

This competition is open to the junior and high school students and college student from all the world.


Terms of Work:

Original work is not plagiarism, does not contain elements of racism, pornography and violations of the law.

For more details please visit the source link at the end of this article.

Registration Fee:



February 14th 2021


The three best StarT student projects internationally will get The International LUMA StarT Award.

So, always keep up, guys!



The www.enjoycompetition.fun page itself is not the organizer in this activity, but only informs the event. To get information about the implementation of this activity, please learn from the source and the official website of the organizer.

Click This Link To Registration and Get More Information:



Click This Link for Guideliness


please, keep smile and enjoy yours competition.

Ok, thank you for all the support, healthy and successful greetings always to all of us!

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